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You'll play fun, science-based games with your dog. The more you play, the more you'll discover about how your dog's mind works. Your Dognition results will surprise you!


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Games Designed By Canine Experts

The 20 games that comprise the Dognition Assessment were created by scientists, trainers, and behavioral specialists. They are fun and easy for anyone to play with their dog at home. In the time you would normally take your dog for a walk, you can gain a whole new understanding of your dog's unique genius.


Our Innovative Online Tool

With detailed instructions and how-to videos, the Dognition online tool will walk you and your dog through each game, allowing you to record your dog's responses at every step. All that's required is a little space at home, a few household items, an internet connection, and your best friend!

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The Dognition Profile Report

When you complete the Dognition Assessment, you'll receive your dog's unique Profile Report — 10-15 pages that describe your dog's unique genius. The Profile Report will give you individualized insight into the cognitive strategies your dog employs, and in-depth breakdowns of the results of each game. With millions of potential outcomes, each report is one of a kind — just like your dog.


A Maverick or a Charmer?

The Profile Report will also reveal your dog's Profile Type. Each of the 9 Profile Types represents a distinct combination of characteristics that shape your dog's approach to everyday life. Socialite? Einstein? Protodog? What is your dog?

The Dognition Experts

Leading scientists, trainers, vets, and behaviorists have come together to produce invaluable insights into all areas of your dog's life. Every month, Dognition Experts contribute exclusive articles about keeping your dog healthy and happy — both mentally and physically.


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