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Meesha and Bruce Wayne, the Chihuahua - Stargazer

"One of the biggest benefits that I found with Dognition is that the games reinforced the bond I have with Bruce Wayne. We already have such a strong connection, but I loved seeing and learning that our bond is just as strong as I believe it to be, and now it's reinforced by scientific data. Playing these games with Bruce Wayne was just as fun for him as it was for me."

Check out Bruce Wayne's awesome blog post about his experience playing Dognition games.


James S., Byron, Roger and Buster

Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada

"This was a series of fun games that helped me understand how my dogs see and comprehend the world around them.

What made Dognition so enjoyable was the fact that not only did I get to understand my dogs better, but they actually noticed and appreciated that I understand them better. And that's truly rewarding. Thanks again for a great experience."


Andy P. and Zoe

Vista, CA

"I love my dog. This was a great program to help me learn more about her. Knowing more about how she sees the world and my relationship with her is incredibly valuable."

Annik V. and Becca


"Dognition, I can't thank you enough for the enjoyable, cheerful, shared moments I had with my dog Becca when doing the [Dognition Assessment]. Becca also loved doing this with me. This whole Dognition Adventure is a unique surprise; can't wait for more!"


Anne N. and Hutch

Raleigh, NC

"Dognition helps you figure out your dog’s personality and how they think about things, and it strengthens the bond you have with your dog as a result."

Carey H. and Wyatt Fast is Fine

Oro Valley, AZ

"Dognition balances FUN & learning, and is clearly described. It's good for both casual dog lovers and total dog geeks like me."


Donna B. and Deacon Blue

Orange Beach, AL

"Dognition helps you understand what motivates your dog and what influences his behavior. My dog and I had a blast playing the interactive games! He was stimulated and excited to play, and I got to watch his mind at work!"


Karin P. and Koda

Raleigh, NC

"If you are the type of individual who enjoys learning more about canines and how to make the most of the relationship with your dog, then this is for you."

Jerilyn D. and Gus

Quincy, IL

"Gus is an Ace. He's off the chart in empathy. Playing the games in the [Dognition Assessment] was fun for both of us. Thanks, Dognition!"

Mara L. and llse

Woodinville, Washington

"I love learning more about my dog and the way she thinks. I find dogs and the way they interact with people fascinating."

Cindy L. and Moby

Chapel Hill, NC

"Dognition exceeded my expectations....It is fun to see things about your dog that you may not have known and confirm things that you thought were true....The results at the end were very personalized."


Jenn M. and Jet

CPDT-KA, Professional Dog Trainer, Blue Dog Creature Coaching, NC

"The promise of a better understanding of how dogs think and learn through the Dognition Experience will revolutionize how we train, care, and love our best friends."


Pam H. and Jana

St. Petersburg, FL

"It's a fun way for people to learn more about their dogs and about dogs' abilities --- as well as a way to further research dogs' abilities."

Lisa W. and Taliesin

United Kingdom

"I would like to spend more quality time with my dog, and find him new and interesting things to do. He really enjoyed the assessment, and his approval is all I need."

Barbara W. and Coco

Apex, NC

"Any dog owner would love to have this information. The [Dognition Assessment] is well-designed and instructions are clear. It's fun!"


Rachel B., Anna and Parker

Hillsborough, NC

"A completely new way to view my dogs. I have two retired racing greyhounds, and I received confirmation that they are two distinct, individual dogs."


Patricia T. and Jade

Durham, NC
CPDT-KA, Tellington TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner

"Dognition is perfect for my training. It's not enough to tell clients 'do this', they want to know the background of why and how something works. It fits in well with me being able to explain the what, the why and the how."


Kim P. and Bernard

Statesville, NC

"I'm so excited - this will be a revolutionary breakthrough in dog training!"