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Today ShowHow does your dog really feel about you?


"Dr. Brian Hare from National Geographic’s “Is Your Dog a Genius” puts the intelligence of some of our favorite dogs to the test with some fun challenges."


SheKnowsThe new technology that promises to read your dog's mind


"Dr. Hare created Dognition, an online tool that anybody can use to find out about the different types of intelligence their dog is using to be the genius that it is. Some dogs are amazing communicators, some dogs are incredibly bonded and empathic with their owners, some are even capable of complicated reasoning skills and others have an amazing memory. Finding out the process by which your dog learns is the first step in discovering how intelligent he or she is."


60 MinutesThe Smartest Dog in the World


"Anderson Cooper meets Chaser, a dog who can identify over a thousand toys, and the scientists who are studying the brain of man's best friend."


NBCThe Secret Lives of Pets with Hoda Kotb


"Pets. We just can't get enough of them. In an NBC Primetime Special airing Thursday, September 11 at 10pm/9c, Hoda Kotb shares the intriguing and entertaining secret lives of pets. Viewers will see everything from bow-wow antics and astounding canine feats, to heartwarming moments of sacrifices made for our four-legged companions."


WiredWhat’s Up With That: Why Does Your Dog Seem to Know What Time It Is?


"It’s five o’clock, and your dog is excitedly wagging her tail and nuzzling against you. Your furry friend is hungry and seems to know that this is the hour you usually feed her. But was this performance a simple reaction to a rumbling in Ginger’s tummy or are canines actually able to somehow read the clock?"


BarkPost12 Unique and Thoughtful Gifts for Dog Dads This Father’s Day


"Let’s take a moment to give thanks to all the Dog Dads this Father’s Day, who deal with their motherpupper’s antics and love them all the same! If he has a special bond with his pup, why not get him something that he can share with his child of the canine persuasion? Sure sounds better than power tools that will just gather dust in the garage!"


New York TimesYou’ll Go Far, My Pet: Dog Feats Reach New Heights


"A new dog is nothing if not a mystery shrouded in fur. What exactly was lurking behind Pi’s smoky eyes? Would she be a charmer, a rocket scientist or a bumbling, tail-chasing dolt? For answers, I turned to Brian Hare, an evolutionary anthropologist who studies behavior at the Canine Cognition Center at Duke. Last year, he started Dognition, a web-based testing service."


Brit + Co.Doggone it: Dognition Helps You Bond With Your Furry Faced Friend


"If you’re like a lot of us here at Brit + Co., you’re a proud doggy mama or papa. And that means you totally get why we call those little rascals (wo)man’s best friend...But get ready to be shocked: You don’t actually know that little creature as well as you think you do. But now you can thanks to a website called Dognition."


Wired12 Great Gifts for the Dog-Lover on Your List


"Did Denver truly feel bad about eating the Kitty Cat treats? Probably not. But he did feel awful that his owner was disappointed in him. We're all guilty of humanizing our pets -- especially when it comes to their behavior and motivations. But that doesn't mean you can't use some real science to measure the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of your beloved pooch."


Fox 8 WGHPKatie’s dog Louie takes IQ test through Dognition


"Like many people, FOX8 News Anchor Katie Nordeen spends every day with her beloved pet — in her case, a Golden Retriever named Louie. But Louie is a bit of a stranger. "


Daily MailHow clever is YOUR dog?


"Is your dog really as dopey as it seems, or is it just playing dumb to get its own way? Have you ever wondered why your pet runs round in circles, or barks at random things? It could be all down to their personality type."


WRAL NewsDog Study Fetches National Attention


"Have you ever wondered what your dog was thinking? Now there may be a way for you to figure out what is going through your dog’s mind."


MACLEAN'SDoes your dog know what you are thinking?


"A growing number of researchers are peering into the mind of the dog and discovering that man’s best friend is a complex creature. Remarkably, some scientists believe that dogs might have developed unique cognitive skills to understand what we humans are thinking."


Live ScienceHarnessing Dog Lovers: Crowdfunding Helping Canine Science


"If you have ever wondered what is going on inside your dog's mind, science can now help you find out."


FOX 13 Tampa BayTests reveal how dogs learn


"If your pup can sit, stay and shake, that's great. But when it comes to how your dog learns, that's an entirely different animal. A small North Carolina web-based company is out to help you get to know your dog and how he or she thinks by playing "games" you can do at home."


CBS ChicagoNew Test Can Tell You How Smart Your Dog Is


"Ever wonder how smart your dog is? Or what they’re thinking? There is a new way to find out. CBS 2′s Mary Kay Kleist shows us how you can put your dog to the test."


Tampa Bay TimesDon't feel guilty about lavishing your dog — it's evolution.


""The answer of why we love dogs so much is because, in order to survive, they had to have us love them," said Dr. Brian Hare, associate professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University, founder of the Duke Canine Cognition Center and co-author of The Genius of Dogs: How Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think. Hare is also the chief scientific officer at Dognition…"


CBS MiamiYour Dog May Be Smarter Than You Think.


"Can a dog empathize with human emotion? According to researchers, they are one of the few species that can express empathy, and thanks to Dr. Brian Hare it’s possible to discover more of what’s hiding behind your dog’s puppy eyes."


WCNC CharlotteNC Company Answers "How smart is my dog?"


"A small North Carolina company is getting global attention for unlocking the formula to how dogs think. Dognition was founded a few months ago, employs about 25 people, and fills hip office space in converted tobacco factory. It’s been featured in Wired Magazine, Huffington Post, and it was the focus of the most-emailed New York Times article a few weeks ago."


CBS2 - CBS New YorkDogs May Be More Intelligent Than You Realize


"Many people believe dolphins and chimpanzees are the smartest animals other than humans when it comes to intelligence, but new research shows the family dog might also be among the geniuses in the room."


FOX 29 Philadelphia, WTXF-TVHow Smart is Your Dog?


"In a day and age where pampering our dogs is at the top of the to-do list, and our furry friends are on social media, there is a new question to consider - just how smart are our pets? Dognition is giving proud pet owners the chance to figure it out."


SMASHING INTERVIEWS MAGAZINEBrian Hare Interview: Is Your Dog a Genius?


"Dr. Brian Hare is an associate professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University in North Carolina and a member of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, which is a division of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences. His research has consistently received international media coverage over the last decade and has been featured in many prominent publications, radio and television programs and multiple documentaries. Hare is frequently invited to give lectures about his research on dog intelligence. He is founder of the Duke Canine Cognition Center that is dedicated to the study of dog psychology and co-founder of Dognition (, which provides fun, cognitive science-based games that help you discover the unique way that your dog sees the world."


SMART ANIMAL TRAINING SYSTEMSThe Genius of Dogs: Heralds New Era in Dog Cognition Research


"I just finished reading Brian Hare’s and Vanessa Woods’ book, The Genius of Dogs. I was anxious to get my hands on this book and was looking forward to learning about the latest studies on dog cognition. I had also come across comments from trainers who were not appreciative of the authors’ criticism of behaviorism and clicker training and I wanted to understand their perspective on the subject."


The New York TimesA Virtual Pack, to Study Canine Minds


"Dr. Brian Hare, an associate professor at Duke, found his research constrained by the number of dogs he can study. Now he hopes to expand his research geometrically, with the help of dog owners around the world. He is the chief scientific officer of a new company called Dognition, which produces a Web site where people can test their dog’s cognition, learn about their pets and, Dr. Hare hopes, supply him and his colleagues with scientific data on tens of thousands of dogs."


DIANE REHM SHOWA Virtual Pack, to Study Canine Minds


"Service and therapy dogs perform lifesaving jobs every day. They sniff out bombs, find people buried in avalanches and guide blind people across the street. Now another type of work is aiding humans. Comfort dogs come to the emotional rescue of people suffering in the aftermath of disasters or battling the difficulties of daily life. Their job has taken them to Newtown, Conn., Boston and West, Texas. A panel of experts joins Diane to talk about the differences between service dogs and therapy dogs, companion dogs, assistance dogs and all other working dogs. They discuss how to determine the best dog for a job, how they are trained and the benefits for both the human and canine species."


ABC World News with Diane SawyerEinstein or Socialite? Dognition Test Helps You Better Connect With Man’s Best Friend


"Dr. Brian Hare is an associate professor at Duke University and the dog whisperer behind Dognition, an online assessment that tells you about the brain behind the bark. It’s run by a start-up company in North Carolina. "It’s to help people understand their dog in a way that they have never been able to understand them, and to enrich their relationship with them as a result," Hare said."


BLOGGINGHEADS.TVPlay games with your dog and help science!


"Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychology at Yale University, talks with Brian Hare in this 45-minute interview. Regarding Dognition (Hare): “The hope here is to have animals in their natural environment … thousands of people volunteered and that sounds like a lot, but in the United States, there are 70 million dogs that are pets in people’s homes. There has really been a revolution in the understanding of animal cognition.”"


NBC NEWS: COSMIC LOGDognition uses brain-teasers to unlock mysteries of your dog's mind


"Is your dog an Einstein or a Charmer? For $60 (woof!!), a new business venture called Dognition will help you put your pooch through a series of fun playtime activities to find out how your dog thinks. The metrics generated by those experiments are being fed into a research project that could for the first time determine how the cognitive traits of various breeds differ."


HUFFINGTON POST10 Reasons Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think


"We have never been more sure that dogs are geniuses. We have learned more about how dogs think in the past decade than we have in the last century. How they are geniuses is not always obvious, but uncovering the answers is all part of the fun. The full story of this journey is in our new book The Genius of Dogs, and if you are curious, you can find the genius in your own dog here. Until then, here are a few cases of canine cleverness that may surprise you."


PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTEPatricia Sheridan's Breakfast With ... Brian Hare


"Brian Hare is an associate professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University, and founder of the Duke Canine Cognition Center. He recently co-authored "The Genius of Dogs: How Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think," with his wife Vanessa Woods. He also launched a website,, which offers cognition tests you can do on your dog."


ALL PET NEWSWhat is the Smartest Dog? Dognition Aims to let You Know


"I always knew my dog was smart, but now it seems I can finally prove it, thanks to Dognition. Dognition is an online web application that is anything but “just another app.” With a who’s who in the animal/canine world at the helm (including professors at Duke, Harvard, Yale and more), this web-based dog-cognitive assessment aims to pinpoint the exact intelligences our dogs possess."


BOSTON GLOBEA personality test for your dog


"Is your dog a Stargazer? A Maverick? An Einstein in furry disguise? For $59.95, a new company called Dognition will diagnose your dog's personality and explain how he thinks about the world. The service, which launched earlier this week, is the brainchild of Brian Hare, an evolutionary anthropologist at Duke University and also the director of the Duke Canine Cognition Center. In an interview with Science last month, Hare explained that he decided to turn his research into a business at the urging of some entrepreneurial colleagues."


USA TODAYDogs are smarter than you think, and here's proof


"Brian Hare is the founder of Duke University's Canine Cognition Center, which researches the intelligence of dogs. You might say Dr. Hare knows his way around Fido's brain."


CBS THIS MORNINGDogs: how smart are they?


"New research shows that dogs are not only intelligent, but able to adapt like few animals around the world. If you have a dog, you know that's true. CBS This Morning presents a video interview with Dr. Brian Hare regarding his newly launched company, Dognition."


WIREDHow Smart Is Your Dog? Test Your Pet’s Brain Power for Science


"Some are arguing that the social skills of dogs rival — and in some ways exceed — those of our closest primate relatives, chimpanzees, and may have much to tell us about how our own species evolved its social savvy. Last week Wired visited Brian Hare’s laboratory at Duke to ask him about his new company, what makes dogs smart and how much most dog owners know about their own best friends."


CBS NEWS"Dognition" asks, how smart is your dog?


"Is your doggy a dummy? Probably not. Most dogs are adept at simple problem solving and recognizing commands. But if you want to put your pet to the test, a new company has you covered."


SCIENTIFIC AMERICANThe Brilliance of the Dog Mind


"New science reveals the multiple intelligences of mankind’s best friend. Just about every dog owner is convinced their dog is a genius. Brian Hare, an associate professor in the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology and the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University, is one of the leading figures in the quest to understand what dogs know."


NEW YORK POSTWho's a Clever Boy?


"Dogs actually surpass monkeys (and other intelligent beasts) in communication skill and relationship with humans, Dr. Brian Hare’s new book argues. Hare notes that wolves, which dogs began evolving from between 12,000 and 40,000 years ago, are better at certain things (like hunting, for example) than dogs, but pups surpass wolves at many communication tests."


DISCOVERY NEWSHow Smart Is Your Dog? Find Out with 'Dognition'


"A dog scooting butt-down across the carpet may not seem like the clever animal that comes closest to human babies in communication skills. But a Web app aims to enable thousands of dog owners to record the results of playful experiments with their canine companions. The “Dognition project” could revolutionize scientific understanding of dogs by gathering data from man's best friends all over the world."


DUKE TODAYThe Genius of Dogs


", created by two Duke professors, debuts today. The site offers dog-owning customers a series of science-based games to determine their pooch's relative strengths and weaknesses in various thinking skills, from empathy to cunning to memory."


WALL STREET JOURNALWhy Dogs Are Smarter Than Cats


"Cats beware. Research in recent years has finally revealed the genius of dogs. Like other language-trained animals—dolphins, parrots, bonobos—dogs can learn to respond to spoken signals associated with different objects. What sets dogs apart is how they learn these words."


FOYLESGuest Blog: The Genius of Dogs


"Dr. Brian Hare looks at how our techniques for measuring intelligence have changed, and why dogs have been so successful in integrating themselves into a human-dominated world."


NEWS & OBSERVERStartup Dognition promises to help you better understand your dog


"A Duke University scientist, a successful local entrepreneur and the Triangle’s largest advertising agency have joined forces on a new venture that boasts it can strengthen the relationships between dog owners and their pets."