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When it comes to tackling life’s challenges, we all take different approaches — some of us are team players while others prefer to fly solo. Dogs are no different. Cognition is the way your mind, and your dog’s mind, process the world around it.

Rather than providing a single intelligence score, Dognition evaluates your dog's cognition, providing a complete picture — the skills and abilities that help define your furry friend from head to tail -- and tips on how to act on it.
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What is Cognition?

I had a great time doing the Dognition tests with my dog. It turns out he is a Protodog. It was so interesting to get to learn more about his problem solving strategies!

— Simone H. & Champ Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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Dognition is not about ranking dog IQ scores. It’s about discovering which skills your own dog relies on to navigate the world — the ones your dog excels at as well as the challenges. Knowing your dog’s “cognitive style” can help shed light on where your best friend is coming from — and the new places your relationship can go. How You'll Discover Those Skills


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What is Citizen Science?

What makes Dognition special is the participation of owners like you. Dognition is a leading example of "citizen science" - research developed by leading scientists that can be conducted by everyone, not just people with Ph.D.s. By collaborating with dogs and owners all around the world, we can begin to understand more about dogs, much more quickly and on a broader scale than researchers are able to do on their own.

Dognition =
Reliable Science

We're happy to report that analysis of our beta program shows that data collected by Dognition dog owners aligns with lab-based results from the world’s most prolific dog research group – the Family Dog Project in Hungary.

We’re thrilled about the speedy growth of our canine database. More important, though — and even more exciting — is the role you're playing in helping us learn about all dogs while shining a light on your own.

Arm-pointing-graph Foot-pointing-graph

Dognition allowed for great bonding time and has given me a wonderful new look at how Jake communicates and understands the world. I can’t wait to do the same with my other dog, Bo.

— Nina F. and Jake, Austin, TX

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Data Insights

Gathering data at such a large scale not only means we can quickly identify patterns; it also means that we (and you!) can easily visualize what we're learning, studying it from multiple perspectives.

Dognition examines a number of variables: breed, gender, weight, name it. Soon, our paid members will be able to use interactive tools to "play" with these data points, bringing to light fascinating similarities and differences among dogs! We've shown a taste below.


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