“The information gathered by Dognition can not only provide valuable feedback to dog owners and dog trainers, but also....contribute to future discoveries and help to solve real world problems.”

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Welcome! This program is designed for professional dog trainers and behaviorists who want to incorporate the Dognition Assessment Toolkit into their service offering. The Assessment provides fresh perspective on how the dog sees the world, helping you and the owner connect more effectively with the four-legged friend in question.

What is the Program?

The program will train and prepare you to provide the Dognition Assessment Toolkit to your clients. By completing the program you’ll be recognized as a Certified Dognition Evaluator (CDE).

What Are the Benefits?

Every dog, like every person, has a distinct way of seeing and interacting with the world. For instance, some dogs rely on their owner’s gestures, while others rely more on their own memory. Some dogs are surprisingly wily while others are more trustworthy.

The Dognition Trainer Program allows you to evaluate each dog’s unique cognitive style and apply this additional insight to the training and instruction that you provide to the dog and his or her owner. Additionally, the gameplay itself is a structured activity that helps bring owners and their dogs together, through quality time combined with a fresh appreciation of the unique qualities that each particular dog has.

How Do I Join?

Fill out the application.

Purchase and successfully perform a Dognition Assessment Toolkit on at least one dog.

We’ll let you know whether your application has been accepted. If it has, we’ll send you relevant information and material to study.

In your own time, successfully take and pass our online exam.

You may be asked to periodically update your qualifications at the company’s request.

Apply to the Dognition Trainer Program

  • Please list your certifications, if any, and explain your training philosophy, methods, theory and experience in 250 words or less: