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"Dognition is about relationship building. Once you understand a dog better, you can tailor your training techniques to fit how they see the world."

-Kate W., certified Dognition trainer, and Finnigan the Einstein

Trainer Kate and her dog Finnigan

Welcome, professional dog trainer! Dognition is an interactive tool to evaluate a dog’s unique thinking and learning style through simple, quick science-based games. Once these games are all completed, you’ll get a 10 - 15 page profile report on the dog’s cognitive style. The Dognition Trainer Program is to be used as a complementary tool to your training methods. Here are some commonly asked questions:

What is the benefit of the Dognition Trainer Program? Why join the Dognition Trainer Program?

The Dognition Trainer Program has many benefits to you. You'll be equipping your clients with a complementary tool to your services. You'll be given your own personal trainer affiliate code for your clients. Your clients will get a discount on the Dognition service, and you’ll get commission for each sale through your personal code. You’ll also be sent
e-newsletters on the latest in dog science as well as be supported by the Dognition family.

How long does it take to become certified?

Depends on you! The requirements to complete the course are: 1. read our Trainer Manual that explores the science behind the Dognition games; 2. complete a Assessment assessment with a dog; and 3. on your own time, take and submit an online exam. Complete these requirements at your own pace.

Who's eligible to take part in the Dognition Trainer Program?

The Dognition Trainer Program is geared for professional dog trainers.

What is the cost associated with this program?

You’ll need to complete a Dognition Assessment, which you'll need to purchase or be gifted. After being certified, the trainer program is free.

What are the Continuing Education requirements?

None! We send out an e-newsletter that keeps you up-to-date with the latest in dog science.

How Do I Join?

Fill out the application.

Purchase and complete a Dognition Assessment Assessment on at least one dog.

We'll let you know whether your application has been accepted. If it has, we'll send you relevant information and material to study.

In your own time, successfully take and pass our online exam.

We'll let you know if you passed! If so, you're now a certified Dognition trainer!

Apply to the Dognition Trainer Program

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